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About Us

Corporate Sustainability

Gannett Fleming shares the responsibility of actively sustaining our natural world. We take significant and lasting steps to minimize adverse environmental impacts in our operations, design solutions, and projects across the globe. These actions preserve our natural resources and provide social and economic benefits now and for the future.

Read more about our sustainable actions in our 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report. (PDF: 7.62MB)

Being a leading steward of the environment goes beyond compliance and mandates. Sustainability is our culture, demonstrated through initiatives with clients, as well as internal efforts to reduce our water and energy usage, solid waste disposal, and carbon footprint associated with travel. These programs are embraced by an enthusiastic and committed workforce and are cultivated by a network of sustainability champions who work to:

  • Establish and benchmark quantifiable sustainability goals related to reducing waste, energy, and water consumption
  • Benchmark our progress toward bolstering employee safety and wellness and serving the community
  • Implement and improve sustainability programs and policies
  • Provide sustainability training opportunities
  • Oversee competitive procurement of goods and services to reduce costs and our carbon footprint
  • Recommend sustainable enhancements for the buildings we own and operate and track results.

Active in leading the adoption of sustainable practices in all aspects of our industry, Gannett Fleming holds leadership positions in, or is a member of, the following organizations:


Gannett Fleming Sustainability

Learn more about Gannett Fleming's Native Planting Area initiative.

Ginny's garden

Environmental Sustainability Policy
Gannett Fleming, Inc. will take significant and lasting steps to minimize adverse environmental impacts and conserve natural resources in its activities, projects, and work processes. In its operations, the firm will increase recycling of supplies and materials, reduce the use of natural resources, and raise environmental awareness among its employees. In its projects, the firm will minimize energy use, respect the natural environment, reuse materials, and decrease negative impacts. Gannett Fleming and its employees will meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.
Printing Sustainability Statement
Gannett Fleming, Inc. is committed to significant and lasting steps to conserve natural resources and minimize adverse environmental impacts in projects, work processes, and daily activities. Some clients prefer project documentation in electronic format; accordingly, Gannett Fleming will only produce hard copies of deliverables and final correspondence, if specifically requested by our clients. As a result, together, we may reduce resource consumption associated with document production and decrease our carbon footprints. Thank you in advance in sharing in our commitment.

Learn about Gannett Fleming's Green Roof.

Green Roof