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Learning Culture

Learning Culture



A Tradition of Excellence

A Tradition of

Making An Impact

Making An Impact

In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words

Mission, Visions, Values

Our Vision, Mission,
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Diversity and Inclusion


Making An Impact

Gannett Fleming understands the impact an international firm can have on improving the places where we live and work. We are especially proud of the contributions we make, not only in the engineering industry, but also in our local communities and the lives of our employees.

Making an ImpactFocus on Community

Gannett Fleming supports a variety of worthwhile endeavors that require a collaborative effort between the firm and our employees. Together, we contribute significant time and financial resources to help causes around the world. Many of our employees volunteer their time to support a number of non-profit and community-based organizations.

View information about our community activities.

Making an ImpactA Sustainable Approach

At Gannett Fleming, we recognize the obligation to protect and remediate the environment in the work we do, incorporating green building design and context-sensitive solutions into many of our projects. From our site remediation efforts, to our work on water and wastewater treatment plants, we improve quality of life by ensuring cleaner land, water, and air.

Our day-to-day business operations also reflect our desire to protect the environment and preserve natural resources. From purchasing hybrid and fuel-efficient cars, to implementing recycling programs at our office locations, Gannett Fleming is committed to “going green.”

View information about Gannett Fleming’s approach to sustainability.

More than Colleagues

Our most important asset is our talented, dedicated, professional, loyal, and innovative employees, who work together in a team environment to Amaze our clients. Fostering camaraderie and an atmosphere where employees can learn from one another, share new ideas and best practices, and celebrate our accomplishments, is an important element of our culture and success. We do this in a variety of ways through social, community, and company events that enable us to better know our colleagues and build relationships that promote teamwork and support professional development and career growth.

Making an ImpactCorporate Events and Programs

  • Summer Picnics
  • Service Awards
  • Gannett Fleming Scholarship
  • Sustainability Events
  • Gannett Days
  • Newsletter
  • Local Charitable Events
  • Golf League and Outings
  • Intramural and Interleague Team Sports
  • Company Outings

Professional Activities

  • Gannett Fleming Toastmasters
  • Professional Development and Training
  • Regional Business Meetings
  • Shadowing for Middle and High School Students
  • Career/College Recruitment Fairs

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