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Research & Innovation

Sounds of Transit - Gannett Fleming

  • Innovation is an important part of your business.
  • To help you achieve your goals, we incorporate innovative solutions into every project.
  • Shown here, our team is taking sound samples for our innovative Sounds of Transit tool.

Your dynamic challenges demand innovative solutions. That’s where we come in. We are constantly working to create new approaches and creative solutions to meet your technical, operational, and financial goals. At all levels of our organization, we invest in research and development to deliver results faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost without sacrificing quality or level of service. To energize our focus on innovation, we launched the Gannett Fleming Collaborative Research and Innovation Center (CRIC). CRIC is our in-house incubator for innovative ideas and approaches, providing employees with access to research and funding that can help turn their concepts into practical business solutions for our clients.

Breakthrough Ideas

Innovative Solutions

  • E2MS

    Electronic Environmental Management System (E2MS)

    Our proprietary web metrics reporting application helps clients manage the compliance and environmental impacts of their projects. The tool offers an efficient way for organizations to continuously monitor and assess their environmental performance.
  • ElectriMAP


    To help electric companies maintain safe and reliable networks, we developed ElectriMAP, an Esri® -based electric utility mapping analysis package. This platform models utility assets, spatially maintains network infrastructure, and integrates with electric-based applications. This comprehensive toolkit alleviates the time and frustration of consulting multiple systems and streamlines operations.
  • TAROS by Gannett Fleming


    Managing the performance of rail operations requires accurate information to make decisions that impact reliability and validate proposed infrastructure improvements. So we developed TAROS, a suite of traction power system simulator software tools designed to help railroad and rail transit operators better manage planned and unplanned events. Whether making decisions about state of good repair projects, or preparing for new improvements, the data obtained from TAROS can help plan reliable operations and support anticipated travel demand.
  • Hydraulic Analyses for Dam - Gannett Fleming

    Hydraulic Modeling for Dam Failure

    Our team took hydraulic modeling for dam failure investigations a step further with the creation of new data management tools. This innovation incorporates advances in geospatial and other technologies to automate the entire data input and output processes. The automation improves mapping accuracy, reduces the potential for errors, and provides greater model detail for improved analysis and decision making.
  • Microbial Desalination Cells - Gannett Fleming

    Microbial Desalination Cells

    We partnered with a university in the development of a potentially groundbreaking water treatment delivery system technology – Microbial Desalination Cells (MDC). MDCs hold great promise for drinking water production because of their potential to serve as a low-cost desalination process with significant environmental benefits.
  • Sounds of Transit - Gannett Fleming

    Sounds of Transit

    For the first time, communities in the path of infrastructure improvements can accurately hear the auditory impact of a proposed project. Sounds of Transit is a revolutionary audio/visual tool whereby the public can hear actual transit sounds, helping them to clearly understand the sound levels from a variety of infrastructure projects, such as high-speed rail, highways, airports, and military operations.